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This month The Ethical Futurists co-keynoted at Deloitte’s ESG Summit near Washington DC about sustainability, ESG disclosure reporting, and much the rise of ‘Climate Quitting’.

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Okay, so we’re here it’s about to go on stage were in the Lansdowne resort in Leesburg, Virginia. Really beautiful here, we’re here we’re going to be speaking for Deloitte. This is their ESG Summit. And they brought us in as The Ethical Futurists to talk about the future of sustainability and ESG. And, yeah, what we’re gonna be talking about today? Well, we’re going to be talking about sustainability, how ESG affects the reporting and disclosures of businesses and ESG goals and ethics, systems, AI,

artificial intelligence and machine learning and various other things. So it’s full on is a full on speech, but some practical exercises for the attendees to try out and I think it’s going to be good, so follow us along now, the future is being shaped by decarbonisation. The number one challenge that we face today, not just each of our industries, but as a species is how we respond to the climate crisis. The business community has been on a slow path towards sustainability. But as opposed to just sustaining things so as to do less harm. We can learn from nature, and start to think about how to building a more circular or regenerative economy, to design systems and practices that take a holistic approach to solving the climate crisis, as well as social and economic problems. The United Nations define sustainability as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

It’s about having a bigger view of economic development that takes into consideration environmental concerns, diversity, equity and inclusion and what that means for 2019. I was speaking at a conference in Brazil is called receiving. And in Brazil, they have a bank that’s called Bradesco. Bradesco has 5000 branches, including one that goes down the Amazon River. And a few years ago, they implemented an AI based chatbot and he has been named as Chatbot. Now, over six months, BIA had to learn the 62 different banking products that that particular bank offered, and within about, I think was about five months, it was answering 83% of questions correctly after 10 months and the system was answering 96% of all questions creativity asked about 300,000 questions a day. But then what they decided to do next the team Bradesco is to think how can we use this relatively simple chat bot to help advance towards the s of our ESG goals? Well, it wasn’t long before BIA was started to be verbally assaulted and harassed, submitted to the same kind of abuse that call human call center staff have to deal with on a daily basis. And 2020 alone be received around 95,000 messages that could be categorized as sexual harassment. Not only did men feel entitled to swear that fear, but they used humiliating language, and even threats of sexual assault, like most other AI chatbots be I was programmed to respond in a subservient or possibly attempting to be polite, and helpful by saying, I’m sorry, I don’t understand what I’ll try to do better. What Bradesco did was they decided to tweak this algorithm, and let her talk back. And now when she’s faced, and nobody is faced with abuse, she says, Don’t talk to me like that, and stakes articles of Brazilian criminal law. You see, no. So now you can use technology to incorporate that as and make the world a slightly better place. And a bit safer, isn’t amazing. Imagine what we could do. We can combine our human creativity, our curiosity, with ability to collaborate with machines. And in order to do this, though, we need to do things differently and we need to do different things. Albert Einstein once said, problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them. We need to think and collaborate definitely want to scratch the surface and ask deeper questions. Because there’s no time to waste everybody’s time there’s climate crisis of land, we can’t just adapt the changes we need to adapt to be the change. And when clients bring us in to deliver keynotes, we sometimes deliver workshops as well sharing strategies and techniques to help people unlock their creative potential, deepen collaboration and improve sustainability. And our clients come from all kinds of industries from consumer products, technology, financial services, energy, and in the final moments we have on stages. Now, we want to get you thinking about your own creativity, because if you think about it, creativity is the engine of innovation. Many of the decisions that you will go into this afternoon and tomorrow require you to use your human curiosity, your ability to ask questions, everything we’re going to show you just now is very actionable. You can start applying it this afternoon. I would like to leave you with one final story to inspire you on your journey to creating up

a more ethical future it’s about moving from just be sustainable to being regenerative for your business and for the planet brings together these ideas of creativity, collaboration, and sustainability. So this is DGTL, a Music and Arts Festival based in Amsterdam that attracts 40,000 attendees have been here, they are the world’s leading Music Festival in terms of sustainability. You see, they weren’t just satisfied with only recycling, they actually wanted to go beyond that, and create a truly regenerative event by becoming 100% Circular. And what they do very well is they use data to measure everything that comes into the event site, and everything that leaves the event site, so they know the impact that the event has on the planet. For example, a creative collaboration with energy fans up made the switch from using diesel generators to solar wind and renewable sources to power the event.

Through your collaboration with Beyond Meat, all meals now set the festival on 100% plant based because they recognize the impact that food has on the events carbon footprint, as well as in planet earth, they’ve got even more creative by looking at using NASA technology to make Tea out of Pee.

Yip, but the using the waste produced the festival Yeah, can get into could turn it into wine. Maybe that’s

the use of waste produced the vessel to power the actual festival itself. They’re acting as catalysts of conversations with their, their audiences, their suppliers, and what it means to create a regenerative tire business to go beyond just sustainability. As auditors and controllers, you are the catalysts of conversations. You are the catalysts of conversations around how we make things better, environmentally, and socially. The transition to a more ethical future has already started. And there’s never been a better time for your business to seize the opportunity to lead in the world to a more fair, equal and greener planet for future generations of humans and nonhumans alike. Well, we’ll just come off stage great event. Really good. We were on for 75 minutes in total, quite a long session that was jam packed with great stuff. And the audience seemed to love it and read lots of questions at the end. What’s the takeaways for them? And one of the things that we highlighted in the presentation was everyone’s heard of quiet quitting when employees kind of quietly quit their jobs, because we will be brought we introduce the topic of climate quitting, which means that the people who may not take up a decision or may give up a decision if a company’s environmental values don’t align with their own climate, political climate credit was one of the things we were talking about. We were also doing a lot of interactive activities with them was quite a large group of things. But 200 people there these were all Chief Sustainability officers, Chief Audit Executive mostly was fortune 100.

So we had to really kind of using their curiosity, their creativity to come up with ideas and questions and spark their curiosity. So now we’re done. We’re gonna go and get changed and chill out. And then our next event we’re heading on to is going to be in Dubai.

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